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Ruikai Chemical Equipment

Changzhou Ruikai Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Ruikai Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company is located in the beautiful west taihu lake in changzhou, west taihu technology park. Have the third class A2 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification. Specializes in ethylene storage and transportation, aromatic alkylated (ethylbenzene/p-xylene), aromatics dehydrogenation (styrene/methyl styrene/divinyl benzene)...

The pursuit of excellence and the creation of models


We are not only a chemical equipment manufacturing company, also with rui kay's holding company, changzhou ruihua chemical engineering technology co., LTD., in chemical equipment design, development, troubleshooting, technical innovation, etc

Patent Equipment

In petrochemical industry, the alkylation process is mainly used to produce the blending components of high octane gasoline. For example, isobutane is alkylation with propylene or butene, and alkylati
The oxidation of cyclohexane in liquid phase is a free radical self-oxidation mechanism. First, the cyclohexyl peroxide is generated, and then partially decomposed into cyclohexanol and

Heat exchanger

Reactor and its internal parts

Our partner in changzhou ruihua chemical engineering technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2007, is located in changzhou wujin district science and education city, is one has many patent technology mainly is engaged in the petrochemical industry in the field of engineering and technical services of professional firms.
Since the company since its inception, the business has maintained a rapid growth, with the domestic famous large-scale petrochemical enterprises and has established good business relationship with domestic well-known chemical engineering company, patent business, industry associations and large domestic design institute and research institute established solid relations of cooperation.


Changzhou equipment industry once again created the first set of 300 thousand tons/year styrene device core equipment factory.
Our company successfully delivered the core equipment of 300,000 tons/year styrene project of xinyang technology group co., LTD.
Warmly celebrate our company's success in obtaining the A2 certificate.
The "13th five-year" coal chemical industry welcomes blowout
Construction of intelligent plant in petrochemical industry welcomes dongfeng
NDRC: increase support for energy conservation and emission reduction

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